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Monteverde Rodeo Drive Ballpoint Pen

Monteverde Rodeo Drive Ballpoint Pen


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You’ll catch the eyes of others with this stunning new design from Monteverde USA, The Rodeo Drive™, which drew inspiration from the glamour of the Beverly Hills lifestyle. The classic coloured pens are crafted in brass, enhanced with hand-made metallic lacquer, and accentuated with chrome. The latest to arrive, the Polaris™, is as stunning and unique as the stars that walk the famous Beverly Hills strip. By using multi-coloured prismatic plating on the barrel and cap, the captivating and eye-catching mix of metallic hues (of blue, purple, green or gold), blend and change as the pen is rotated or in use. Enhanced with highly-polished black plated trim and accentuated with a brilliant line cut cap, each Polaris is designed to be as transformative as the biggest and brightest stars. .Ballpoint accepts P1 and P4 refills.