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Nevskaya Palitra "White Nights" Watercolour Paints Tube 10ml

Nevskaya Palitra "White Nights" Watercolour Paints Tube 10ml


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Artists’ watercolours ‘White nights’ are produced of fine-grained pigments of binding and a natural gum arabic binder, recognized as the best vegetable resin for artists’ colours manufacture.


• 99 fine- grained colours highly replete with pigment;

• main part of the colour palette is single pigment and lightfast colours;

• high quality pigments of own production among which there are earth colours; cadmium and cobalt pigments;

• high colour intensity;

• perfect washable and spreading.

Such properties as brightness and colour pureness, high lightfastness, good spreading and transparency made watercolours ‘White nights’ the favorite ones by several generation of artists.

The colour palette of the watercolours ‘White nights’ offers balanced palette reaching 99 colours, 56 of which are single pigment ones. The main part has medium and high indexes of lightfastness.

The artists’ colours ‘White nights’ are produced in 2.5 ml pans or in 10 ml tubes, in sets of 12, 16, 24, 36 and 48 colours.