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Nevskaya Palitra "Master Class" Tempera Paints Tube 46ml (Price Group A)

Nevskaya Palitra "Master Class" Tempera Paints Tube 46ml (Price Group


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Tempera is the most ancient type of colour. Sarcophagi in Ancient Egypt was decorated by tempera. It was used for icon painting at all times, for magnificent frescoes and for timeless masterpieces. This colour is the predecessor of acrylic: it is water-soluble and forms indelible layer after drying. It is flexible and can be applied both in pastose and glazing techniques. Tempera, as acrylic, can be used for painting on any surface: on wood, cardboard, paper, glass, stone, and canvas. But unlike acrylic, tempera becomes velvety after drying, not glossy.

The palette consists of natural tints, as one of the key properties of tempera is the natural depth of colours. It is hard to get complex colour blends in tempera painting. It is rather a poster painting, but it is sonant, open and understandable. Tempera can be well mixed with watercolour and gouache. Such colour blending lets reach unusual effects. ‘Master-Class’ tempera is intended for monumental and easel painting, also for decorative works on different surfaces. These colours are pigment suspаnsion and fillers in polyvinyl acetate dispersion with various additives.