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Faber-Castell Multimark Non-permanent Fine Wallet of 4

Faber-Castell Multimark Non-permanent Fine Wallet of 4


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The MULTIMARK fibre tip technical pen with integrated special eraser reliably writes on almost all surfaces. Depending on the required purpose, the pens are available in eight permanent and four non-permanent ink colours. They are exceptionally luminous and rich in colour. The colours black, blue, green and red are particularly light-resistant. The integrated special eraser is able to fully remove marks from almost all smooth surfaces like CD/DVD/Blu-ray or transparencies. Available line widths: S, F and M.


  • Water-soluble overhead marker: available in 4 colours
  • Can be wiped off
  • With integrated special eraser for detailed corrections on almost all smooth surfaces
  • Particularly lightproof
  • Line width: F
  • Available in 3 line widths each: S, F and M
  • Wallet of 4