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Nevskaya Palitra "Master-Class" Oil artists' colours set of 8

Nevskaya Palitra "Master-Class" Oil artists' colours set of 8


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Extra-fine artists’ oil colours set 8x18 ml tubes, cardboard box

Oil paints "Master Class," designed to professional artists. They are made according to traditional recipes on based on high quality pigments, binder - specially treated linseed oil and natural resins, positively affecting the properties paints. Fine ink with high pigment concentration excellently mixed together. It has a thick consistency, which enables a pasty. Brightness and color purity, high light fastness inks due application   valuable for painting inorganic (natural coloring earth, synthetic Cadmium, Cobalt, iron oxide) and organic pigments of high quality. A balanced palette of the 12 colors in the set makes it possible to solve many problems of the artist's creativity.