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Art Gecko

It’s important your colourful skills show as an artist - even if it’s the tiniest of scribbles. Sometimes, you only need the perfect canvas to show that. Our Artgecko sketchbooks are made keeping your arty flair in mind.
Our range of species have their own unique character both inside and out, made in Britain with FSC certified paper - sized for water based media and perfect for every other technique you can throw at it. So go wild; scribble away – we know your inner gecko will come to life!
Our sketchbooks are sourced from sustainable forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). This means Gecko’s all over the world can sleep soundly, knowing we do our utmost to keep their habitats safe.
All our Artgecko sketchbooks are hand-finished with a gecko print on the back and made with the same passion artists have creating their own masterpieces; right here in 'lil old Britain using superior quality paper.

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